About Us

MODE ONE - Created from Need, Designed for Use™

The first cutting tools were developed during the stone age and were thus made out of stone.  Archaeologists have classified these stone tools into five distinct modes based on their increasing levels of sophistication.  Mode One were the first and most basic, while Mode Five tools were complex and required great time and skill to create.  Stone tools were surpassed by bronze tools and bronze tools were surpassed by iron tools.  This leads us to the present day where we continue to use iron but in the form of steel (95% iron) along with other alloys and materials. 

We chose our name MODE ONE to honor the first creation of the cutting tool and the innovation that followed.  It was from that moment that "humans" began creating new and innovative ways to improve the world around them and to make life easier.

MODE ONE knives are designed with practical purposes in mind: use and versatility.  We source quality materials from around the world to manufacture and assemble purpose built knives at an affordable price. As a company we embody innovation in our designs and value thinking "outside the rock."

MODE ONE is a United States company located in Vancouver, WA, USA and it is our mission to combine our unique designs with the highest performing materials and constructing them in most advanced and durable manner for the intended use; all at an affordable price to our end customer.

  Hollow Grind-FK-002EMC - FK-003   Surface Grinding-FK-003